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The Newest Big News

The music feature we recorded for WITF public radio in Harrisburg aired this morning and afternoon- thanks to all who listened! Keep an eye on the WITF TV station for the videos or, if easy and immediate is more your style, simply click the "video" tab right above this paragraph and find all of them there, right at the top. You can also read some of the interview Mike, Pete, Jeff and I did with Joe Ulrich after the shoot by following this link-

Dear friends, I'm ever so pleased to announce that after a year of sputtering, stalling, and half-empty promises (or, to be optimistic, half-full promises), Amerikindasorta, the 4th album by Vinegar Creek Constituency, is finally here! Tour dates for 2018 are in the works; as of now stops are confirmed in PA, Maryland, Ohio, Michigan, and Colorado, and Ireland. Stay tuned to the "shows" section of this website to keep up on our whereabouts.